#Daretob_ - delivered by Tamar View CC
Tamar View Community Ambassadors

This is a group of young people aged 16-20 that want to make a positive change in the community. They aim to deliver a social action project each year to do this. In the summer of 2014 they planned, organised and delivered an Inflatable Party for young people which included a consultation to discover the type of provision young people wish to see. The feedback centred around sport and leisure provisions, music provision, food and cookery, computer gaming and, in the long term, the building of a youth centre.

The Ambassadors also planned a 1940s-style community day in the summer holidays of 2015 that encouraged everyone in the community to come together and celebrate such an important era in our history.

They currently run a Youth Drop-in every Wednesday evening for 11-17-year-olds that is a space for young people to hang out and build positive relationships with the Ambassadors and youth workers.

This group has also supported a range of other events including Tamar View's Big Lunch, the Saltash Regatta and the launching of the Dangerous Dads group in Barne Barton.

Junior Ambassadors

We have recently recruited a group of 11-16-year-olds who now make up our Junior Ambassadors. Based on the success of the original group, the Juniors will be learning about social action and developing their skills over the next six months so they can then start to work more closely with the older group.

The older Ambassadors will be acting as Peer Mentors for the new recruits and supporting their development.

U Turn reward scheme for young people
U Turn Reward Scheme

U Turn is a reward scheme for young people that aims to encourage 11-21-year-olds into volunteering in the community and with local organisations.

The idea was developed by the Community Ambassadors who wanted others to have access to similar opportunities that they have been given. If a young person signs up, they will be given a passport to complete that charts the number of hours they have volunteered. A person from the organisation will sign it off and then those hours will be banked. They will then be able to trade their banked hours for rewards (to be decided). It's as simple as that.

All young people need to do is complete the expression of interest form below and return it by email (address on the contact page) and you will then be contacted about signing up to the scheme.

Alternatively, if you'd like to know more, contact us on any of the details on our contact page and the team at Tamar View will be happy to help.

Open PDF file  Download the U Turn flier here