#Daretob_ - delivered by Tamar View CC
Delivering Youth Work in Barne Barton

Tamar View Community Complex Ltd is the main provider of children's and youth services in Barne Barton, Plymouth. The organisation works with 5-25-year-olds through a range of community-led projects from sports to social action, and drop-ins to play.

We have been delivering these services since September 2013 and we are now in the process of growing our offering by seeking additional funding to increase capacity.

'We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future' - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Our main aim is to take a young person led approach to our practice, facilitating the empowerment of young people to make positive change in the community.

We work with children and young people on a range of projects. Our work is built upon the foundations of a consultation designed, delivered and evaluated by young people from the community. These Community Ambassadors play a key part in the formation of provision and form a youth forum that enables young people to continue to be heard.

As practitioners, we are continually trying to learn and develop, and all our paid staff and volunteers are offered training opportunities to do this.